Any act of kindness helps the world become a better place!

Chapter 30

Challenge: Do 22 acts of kindness (4 of 22)

Date: January 15, 2014

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I popped into the grocery store on the way home last night to pick up some oranges to help me get over my illness and as I was walking from my car, a woman was walking across the parking lot carrying a whole bunch of things in her arms. I walked up to her and offered her a cloth bag. She immediately accepted, put all of her things in there and graciously said thank you. It was such an easy thing to do and I love how quickly she accepted the gesture. It really means a lot with someone can accept a gift because it feels way better as the giver when someone is gracious as opposed to resistant. I resolve to accept gifts and I’m hoping that in return, the universe give me…

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