The true definition of helping out another!

Melissa Holden, Writer

I’ve just seen today’s Daily Prompt, (click here for more details) and decided I’d actually write this one.

A few years ago, I worked for a high street retail store in my hometown. When I went to hand in my notice  – I was moving – I was offered a Supervisor position.

I was pretty shocked, especially as I hated this job and the majority of the people that both worked and shopped there.

There was however, an upside. I knew a colleague of mine had been gunning for the Supervisor role ever since she started, but as these roles usually are based on qualifications, she wasn’t offered it. So, I decided to do something kind (for a change.)

I explained to my boss that I was flattered, but couldn’t (and wouldn’t) take the position, but my colleague would be perfect for the role.

Later on, said colleague announced…

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