There are no “small acts of kindness”, kindness is kindness, and when it’s shown, it makes a big difference.

Measured in Moments

There are some days during my kindness challenge when I don‘t have a plan–when I let inspiration find me, when I spend the day looking for an opportunity to help someone.

But that wasn’t supposed to be how today went.

I had a plan–for weeks I had been preparing for an act of kindness and today I was looking forward to finishing it.  I was excited; my car was packed with goodies.

There was just one problem: the people who I needed to meet with…they weren’t in today.  Nope–all gone, celebrating their annual Christmas party.

Whoops.  In all my plans, it seems I forgot one tiny, little, yet extremely important detail: calling to confirm.  To be, I didn’t honest I didn’t think it was necessary…every other day the people are there.

It seems fate was trying to tell me it had other plans for me today.

So I came…

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