It’s amazing to see that the one’s whom fight for our freedom can often be neglected when they return to society. So, people like this, make a world of difference for our veterans!

Good News!


As he watched wounded troops being brought inside the hospital on stretchers, Michael Conklin couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“You see this stuff in movies, but I was watching it happen,” said Conklin, recalling a 2003 visit to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. “There were so many casualties coming in — busloads of them.”

Conklin made the visit to learn more about the needs of wounded servicemen and women. The needs were overwhelming.

“When these guys come back from war, they are broken,” he said, reflecting on the missing limbs, traumatic brain injuries and other devastating wounds he observed.

Conklin’s eldest son, Kris, was treated at Walter Reed in 2003, after his Humvee was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq. He recovered from his injuries, but his dad was heartbroken when he realized that other wounded troops didn’t have the support his son did.


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